'My favorite day of the year': Milwaukee Brewers fans remain hopeful after first loss of season to Chicago Cubs

NOW: ’My favorite day of the year’: Milwaukee Brewers fans remain hopeful after first loss of season to Chicago Cubs

CHICAGO, Ill. (CBS 58)-- The first Major League Baseball (MLB) game of the season was a tough loss for the Milwaukee Brewers, but fans aren't letting the final score keep them down. 

The Chicago Cubs won 5-4. 

Brewers fans who made the trip down to Wrigley Field on Thursday said they're just excited baseball is back.

"It's like Christmas morning," Travis Podrug, a Brewers fan living in Chicago, said. "It's my favorite day of the year. 

The longer-than-normal off season in the MLB left baseball fans eager to see the Brewers get back on the field, even if it's not their own. 

"That's why we came to opening day," Chase Doyle, a Brewers fan from Oconomowoc, said. "It just felt so long."

Some fans made the trip from Wisconsin to Wrigley Field for the first time. 

Josh and Krystal James, from Oshkosh, are on their honeymoon in Chicago. 

"I've never been the visiting fan at a stadium before, and this is definitely unique," Josh James said. 

No matter where the first pitch is thrown, Brewers fans are just hopeful for a successful season. 

"I am most looking forward to seeing how the team comes together. (There were) a lot of changes in the off season," Josh James said.

Many expect to see a better year for returning players like Christian Yelich.

"He had a little bit of a down year last year, and I think he's going to bounce back," Josh Peterson, a Brewers fan from Eau Claire, said.

The Brewers secured a spot in the playoffs last year after becoming the 2021 Central Division champions. Fans are convinced the team can do it again, or maybe go all the way this time.

"I want to see them play 'til the end of October. I want to see them in the World Series," Podrug said. "I'm 46. I've never see a championship."

Fans are looking forward to the Brewers home opener. They're hoping the team has better luck in Milwaukee. 

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