MPS 'Welcome Week' kicks off with freshman curbside supply pickup

NOW: MPS ’Welcome Week’ kicks off with freshman curbside supply pickup

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) teachers and staff are getting students ready as they prepare for virtual learning because of COVID-19. 

Monday, Aug. 3, freshman at Alexander Hamilton High School were greeted by staff and received supplies including Chromebooks, t-shirts, and masks with the school's design. 

It's part of the school's "Freshman Bridge" program and the goal is to help students get acclimated to their new school environment. 

Students will meet virtually with teachers, administrators, counselors, and their classmates to get to know them better. 

School officials say it's important for students to have everything they need to have a successful year while they learn virtually. 

“We try to provide them with everything they need that will not block them learning, block their connections. Technology is always in the way so we’re connecting our students with more of their education through an online platform," said Hamilton High School Principal Trinette Green. 

Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley said this year is going to look a lot different, but they have been preparing. 

“You are not inside of the building so therefore we have to make sure and get an opportunity to get them used to the various platforms they will be using," said Dr. Posley. 

Tuesday, Aug. 4, Chromebooks will be handed out to the upperclassmen. Altogether, MPS is handing out 75,000 Chromebooks. 

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