MPS Students Experience Southwest Airlines

What's the difference between learning in school and learning on the job?

Some MPS students may have answers to that question Thursday. A group of 7th graders spent Thursday morning at Mitchell International Airport getting a firsthand look at how Southwest Airlines operates.

The group watched and learned from pilots, mechanics, baggage handlers and more to get a better idea of how to apply their education to the real working world.

"Everything you've learned in science and in math, in your reading and your English classes, it's all going to make sense once you come here.  You're gonna need to know those problem solving skills.  You're gonna need to ask those tough questions, it's all going to come together for you," said MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver.

The Council of Small Business Executives is running these tours in partnership with MPS. A total of 50 tours for students are planned during the school year.

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