Milwaukee boy needs stitches after bullying on school bus

NOW: Milwaukee boy needs stitches after bullying on school bus

A Milwaukee mother is outraged after she says her son was attacked on a school bus, requiring him to need stitches.

Her son, Marathi Harris is like any other 5-year-old kid. He likes to play, and is full of energy. But Tuesday on the school bus, things got rough.

His mother, Phylicia Thompson is upset.

“I’m asking, well what happened, and as soon as I said that, she opened the bandage, and it was a big ol' gash right here with blood coming out still, and his nose was bleeding,” Thompson said.

On the way home, her son’s head was shoved against the school bus window by an older kid, according to what he told her.

The injury required two stitches.

Thompson says she couldn’t get straight answers from the school officials. “I don’t know how, when, none of that. How did it even get that far?”

A spokesman for Milwaukee Public Schools says they know about the fight on the bus between two students and are setting up meetings with both parents, saying in a statement, “We take this unacceptable behavior very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.”

But Marathi’s mother says her son is being bullied and it’s not the first time. Thompson believes someone at the school is cutting out patches in his hair.

“Someone has to cut it, and it’s crazy how all these things happening and no one is aware of what is going on.”

Marathi's mother decided to keep him home from school Wednesday because of the incident. 

Despite the stitches, he is doing well and is taking Tylenol to help with headaches. 

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