MPS Board of Directors votes to reduce number of virtual learning days from 10 to 5

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In a special board meeting Thursday night, Feb. 10, the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors approved changes to the Covid policy.

Moving forward, whenever a school reaches a 3% positivity rate, that school will be required to do e-learning for five days instead of 10.

The board also voted to press ahead with an increase in student Covid testing.

The administration recommended opening Covid tests up to students who aren't exhibiting any symptoms.

The board plans to present more specific plans about testing next month.

In the meantime, the board also agreed to continue to encourage students and families to get vaccinated.

A number of parents spoke out during the public comment portion of Thursday night's special meeting, most of them saying they would like the district to continue with a Covid policy that requires masks, social distancing and quarantining.

Since August, MPS has had 24 temporary school closures due to Covid-19.

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