MPD body cameras face scrutiny in public hearing

 Milwaukee Police once again unveiled their plans of how and when they plan to outfit more than 1,200 officers with body cameras, but the attacks against it were swift in a public hearing held on Tuesday night.

"If officers control when and where these body cameras are filming, how will the public be able to trust them to maintain their own accountability," one citizen said.

Much of the scrutiny has centered around the officers discretion of when and where they can use the cams. They can opt out in casual conversations or sensitive crimes like rape, dressing and locker rooms would be off limits.

"There's a very fine balance, we don't want to get in a situation where the public is afraid to make contact with us because they're constantly being recorded."

In all other instances officers are required to have them on, with leeway if a situation escalates beyond an officer's control. MPD contends that officers were held to the same standards as if they violated any other rules, and that each instance would be handled accordingly.

"Officers are human beings, and because they are human beings they can mistakes."

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