Mother with filthy home charged with child neglect

DODGE COUNTY -- No hot water, toilets that flush, and a two-year-old confined to a pack and play are some of the things law enforcement encountered at a Dodge County home during a welfare check. The woman living there with her two kids is now facing child neglect charges.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office got a tip in November from an inmate that his two-month-old daughter was living in disgusting conditions. Deputies executed a search warrant on the Town of Burnett home.

Burnett Town Supervisor Jerry Beier went in with detectives. He says, \"The pipes don't work, there's no hot water, there's some cold water, but the baths, toilets don't work.\" The refrigerator contained rotting food and maggots. The septic tank was too full to flush the toilets, and there was evidence pets defecated in the toilets.

Social services took the two-year-old child and the two-month-old infant living in the home. Secoy Koch-Miller now faces two counts of child neglect.

Betty Koch-Miller, Secoy's mother, says the child's father is lying to get back at her daughter. Betty says they were working on fixing the situation. \" We were packing, sorting and throwing stuff out. And you know, they didn't believe it. They didn't take any pictures of the stuff we had packed up or were packing up. They just went on their own,\" said Betty.

Social services says the children were in rough shape, especially the two-year-old. His hair was full of spiders and eggs.

Betty Koch-Miller plans to fight to get her grandchildren back. 

The Town of Burnett is in the process of condemning the home.

If convicted on all counts, Secoy Koch-Miller could serve up to six years and nine months in jail.

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