Mother protests at Martin Luther High School to stop bullying

NOW: Mother protests at Martin Luther High School to stop bullying


A local mother says she complained about bullying at her daughter's school for years. She tells CBS 58 it got so bad, the student moved to a new school.

Now the mother and daughter are trying to get the school's attnetion about bullying problems a different way.

"Martin Luther needs to take bullying seriously" says one side of Kim Puschnig's sign. "Stand up, speak up, no bullying" is what the other side reads.

Since Monday, Puschnig spent two hours at the end of every school day holding the sign just outside school grounds. She says about 25 people have stopped to say they support her. But someone also called the police on her. Saying the mother is creating a traffic jam.

"I started this for my daughter, but then after hearing so many stories it's for all the kids here... That really makes it worth while if i can help someone else, to not have to go through what our family did, what my daughter went through..." said Puschnig.

Puschnig says many didn't understand what she was doing. Puschnig's daughter heard that even teachers didn't support it.

"For those of you who are calling her crazy, stupid, and’s easy for people to say these things when they have never experienced bullying or harassment themselves or are the inflictors of it," wrote Kallie Puschnig in a Facebook post about her mom's protesting.

"Students who I never even talked to before were telling me how the principle Jensen, made popcorn and watched. The foods teacher commented in one of her classes that my mother is annoying. It’s fine to form those opinions and to believe what you may, but that just shows what kind of people they are."

Both Kim and her daughter say they don't want to cause any trouble, but feel the need to share what Kallie went through, and take action to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Kim wrote a detailed post on Facebook Thursday to explain why she spent all week with a sign outside Martin Luther High School. 


Both Kim and Kallie say through their outreach this week, they've heard of multiple students at Martin Luther with a similar experience with harrassment and bullying.

"I'm not trying to cause trouble. I just want prinicpal to wake up, and realize this is a real problem," said Kim Puschnig.

Kim says the school hasn't acknowledged her stand against bullying.

CBS 58 reached out to the principal at Martin Luther High School multiple times Friday. The assistant promised a response, but CBS 58 has not yet received it.

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