Mother faces drug charges after newborn dies one day after birth

NOW: Mother faces drug charges after newborn dies one day after birth

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A woman whose newborn baby died with cocaine in his system now faces drug charges.

Skylar Bova, 27, had been in the hospital since October 17th and delivered her baby on December 3 at the Aurora Women's Pavillion in West Allis. It died 30 hours later. Both mother and child tested positive for cocaine and opiates.

According to the criminal complaint, Bova told police her husband would bring cocaine and morphine pills to her in the hospital. She admitted to taking drugs once to twice a day while in the hospital. In one instance, she told investigators her family visited and she took drugs before and after the Packer game.

Nurses say Bova would "regularly use the delivery table inside of her room to block her hospital door," so the staff couldn't enter her room when visitors were present. It's unknown whether Bova exhibited any symptoms or signs of drug use.

When asked about this incident, and Aurora's policies on drug use and security, they responded:  "Federal and state laws place limits on the information health care providers may share about patients."

Bova told investigators she said she knew her baby would probably be born addicted to drugs but she did not know her drug use would threaten the baby's life.  

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