Mother discusses details of accidental shooting that killed her son

SHARON, Wisconsin -- Family and friends will say their final goodbyes Thursday to 11 year-old Eric Gutierrez.

Eric was shot in a wooded area in Walworth County back on July 9th while playing with a friend not too far from his home.

Investigators won’t say how he was shot, but did say they didn't suspect foul play.

Eric’s mother, Rebecca Orick, spoke exclusively to CBS 58’s David Ade, and shared the details of her son’s last moments as she understands them. Saying this was a tragic accident.

 “Could it have been prevented? Yes. 100 percent. 1000 percent I believe it could’ve been prevented.” Orick said.

When Eric Gutierrez was shot in the head while playing outside last week, his mother says Eric’s 13 year old best friend was right next to him.

“He tried everything to save my son. He held my son in his arms, he tried to stop the bleeding, he immediately went for help and returned right away to my son’s side.” Orick said.

She also says she’s been told Eric was with that boy as shoot at trees and targets in the woods.

Then says Eric stepped in front of the gun just as his friend pulled the trigger.

“I do not second guess for a moment that this was a tragic accident. This was not just a tragic accident to my son, but to the boy that accidentally shot my son.” Orick said.

Orick says her family moved from Madison to Sharon in January, and says Eric and the 13 year old quickly became inseparable.

And says the boy’s parents made Eric feel almost like part of the family.

“They took him fishing, they took him camping, they took care of him. This is the last thing that they would’ve ever wanted to see happen to my son and I know that with my whole heart. And for that reason I could never show any hate or anger about the situation to them.” Orick said.

Now as she gets ready to bury her son, she says her heart breaks everyday for the 13 year old boy.

“I feel like he’s suffering more than I am because I have comfort and a piece of mind that my baby is in heaven and my baby is not suffering and my baby doesn’t feel pain. And unfortunately that is something I cannot say for this other child.” she said.

There is a fundraiser set up to help the Eric's family with the unexpected funeral costs, and medical bills.

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