'More than just playing golf': Blue Mound head golf pro plays 100 holes in 1 day

NOW: ’More than just playing golf’: Blue Mound head golf pro plays 100 holes in 1 day

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) --- A Wauwatosa golf pro took on a pretty big challenge. He set a record for how many holes he's ever played in a single day. But he's not doing it for his own satisfaction. He's raising money for charity.

Matt Goodson is playing 100 holes in one day. Goodson is the Head Golf Pro at Blue Mound Golf and Country Club in Wauwatosa.

He says playing 100 holes in a day is difficult. "It's definitely something that not very many people do very often. I'm feeling okay now but, in few hours, when I'm closer to 70-80 holes …I think it's going to get tough so it's pretty difficult," he said.

But Goodson is up for the task. He's been playing golf since age seven.

"I used to ride around in the golf cart with my dad when I was a little kid and just wanted to start playing and finally started letting play at seven and I've been playing since then…about 27 years," he said.   

On this particular day, Goodson is golfing with a purpose. He's raising money for PGA Reach Wisconsin.

"They sponsor junior golf programs, GPA junior league, the PGA Hope Program," he said.

Goodson is also raising money for Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation of West Allis.

"Obviously we've had kind of a mental health crisis with the pandemic," he said. For Goodson, mental health is a cause near to his heart.

"Personally, I've had problems with anxiety in the past and still do and. Golf is kind of something I can do and I'm not thinking about being anxious about what's going on at work or whatever. My mind's out here on the golf course," he said.

Golf is a sport that can promote positive mental health he says.

"It gets you outdoors. It takes your mind off whatever else is going on in your life. It's a good way to get exercise especially if you walk," said Goodson.

A sport that can be calming for many. "You might get upset over a bad shot, but it might take your mind off of something bad happening in your life right now," said Goodson.

Goodson has raised more than $8,000 for the causes he's playing for, passing his initial goal.

He finished all 100 holes in about 12 hours. He hopes the money will help continue to grow the game of golf for those in our area, especially the next generation of young players.

"I really want people to know that golf can be something more than just playing golf…anyone can get involved in the game. It's not exclusively for the wealthy. It's not exclusive for anybody…anyone can get involved and anyone can enjoy golf," he said.

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