More Details Released in Case of Mother Prostituting Children

FBI recovered two children that were being pimped out by their mother by the FBI. 

According to a release, through a website advertisement, an undercover agent went to a home where two local children, aged 16 and 17, were recovered.

The girls indicated they were sisters and were being pimped out by their mother.

The girls also informed authorities that their mother was allegedly renting out the girls’ brother’s room to a man who was a registered sex offender.

The bureau says a Kenosha mom acted like a pimp of her two teen girls, and also let a registered sex offender rent out a room in the house.

A Kenosha victim’s advocate said while its normal for traffickers to use authority to make trafficking victims feel powerless it's rare to see a parent trafficking their own children.

And she said any child growing up in a trafficking situation with have deep emotional wounds. That will take years of therapy.

FBI has not released a name or mugshot of the suspect. But tells us she does live here in Kenosha.

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