Monday Slush, Rain, Flurries & Packers Forecast

 Light freezing rain and sleet impacted the Monday morning commute.  Winter Weather Advisories were in effect for our inland counties for freezing rain and sleet with accumulations significant enough to create slippery conditions on roads and sidewalks. 

Freezing rain, ice pellets and rain began in Madison and Beaver Dam around 2:30am with temperatures at 32°.  By 3:35am, ice pellets were reported at Watertown with a temperature of 31°.  Ice pellets began to fall in Waukesha at 4:35am at a temperature of 30°.  Milwaukee saw rain start at 5:52am with a temperature of 33°.  Fortunately, road crews where out treating the roads and surface temperatures were right around freezing.  By the end of the morning commute, most of the mixed precipitation tapered off to mist and drizzle with temperatures remaining above freezing Monday afternoon.  All Advisories ended this morning.  In fact, here is a snowfall map of eastern Wisconsin:


Note the lack of reports from around Milwaukee.  That is because of primarily rain along Lake Michigan and slushy accumulations inland of less than one inch.  Accumulations do pick up in the Fox River Valley.  Shiocton received 3\" of snow and most locations around Green Bay were in the 2 to 4 inch range of wet snow.

This afternoon we continue to experience widespread mist and drizzle that is forecast to change to flurries.  Flurries around Milwaukee transition to snow showers in Green Bay.  Don't be surprised to see snow, especially early in the game.  Accumulations in Green Bay should be light.  Here is the forecast for the game:


Rebecca, Lance Michael and I are still tracking milder air for later this week and the weekend.  Be sure to look at the First Alert 7 Day Forecast.

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