Mom kicked out of pizza restaurant for changing baby at table

TEXAS(KHOU) -- A Texas mother is upset after a pizza restaurant allegedly kicked her out for changing her baby at the table. The restaurant owner this happened in front of a full restaurant and he stands by his decision to ask the woman to leave.

Miranda Sowers says Brother's Pizza Express has no changing station in their bathrooms, and decided to use her table to change her baby. Sowers tells KHOU she wanted to avoid the hassle of taking everyone back to the minivan so she could change the baby.

Owner Bessa Lala said, \"I don't want to lose all these other customers, because they see a dirty diaper.\" 

Lala says people were complaining, and one regular customer sent a text about what Sowers was doing at her table.

Sowers says she and her three girls were given their food to go and were asked to leave. Sowers filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


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