Mixed Emotions: Badger Fans divided over USC, UCLA joining Big Ten Conference

Mixed Emotions: Badger Fans divided over USC, UCLA joining Big Ten Conference

MADISON Wis. (CBS 58) -- Now that the news is out, Badger fans are quite divided over USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten Conference.

From UW-Madison officials and fans of all ages, many have mixed emotions about the two additions in another shift in the college football landscape.

Some UW-Madison students are welcoming the new competition, but they don't think the Golden State is prepared to play at Camp Randall once we enter the winter season.

"I think it will be hard for them to learn how to play in the conditions which is something our team is really good with [and] they have a lot of experience so far,” said Lila Pocski, a junior at UW-Madison.

"I don't think they really have as much comradery, so I don't know if they match the vibe of the Big Ten, but I guess we'll see," said Jamie Vacca, a junior at UW-Madison.

Potential matchups at Camp Randall against Southern California and/or UCLA won't come until the 2024-2025 school year, the tentative timeline when both teams will enter the conference.

The Big Ten is no stranger to adjusting after adding Maryland and Rutgers in the early 2010's. UW-Madison Athletic Director Chris McIntosh called the news "very exciting" in a statement.

"They will now be more connected than ever to the conference and to their alma mater," McIntosh said. "I can’t wait for our teams and fans to come together on a regular basis in Southern California.”

Some Badger Fans were surprised by the news and believe it will no doubt make the path to a conference title game and playoff-birth more difficult.

"I am kind of a traditionalist," said Gary Messinger, a Badger Fan from Madison. “I like old bowl alignments the way they were, but that frankly is the sign of the times. It's a dollar sign of a sport right now."

Others were disappointed to see the conference grow.

"I think this is not too good of a thing because it's the Big Ten. It says it in the name. It's supposed to be 10," said Isaiah Terice, from Milwaukee. "It's more of a Midwest type of conference. It won't be Midwest anymore."

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