Mitchell Airport's Baggage Claim roadway closed for construction

MILWAUKEE -- If you're heading to General Mitchell International Airport anytime soon, you'll want to avoid the Baggage Claim roadway.

The airport's Baggage Claim Renovation Project begins Tuesday and the Baggage Claim roadway will be closed to all vehicles except shuttles and buses.

Airport officials suggest drivers use hourly parking. Passengers being picked up by friends or family should encourage drivers to meet them in hourly parking rather than the Baggage Claim curb. Free parking has been extended to one hour, offering plenty of time to meet arriving passengers in the terminal.

“The shared Baggage Claim/Ticketing roadway will be congested,\" said Interim Airport Director Terry Blue. \"Circling around the airport roadways while waiting for arriving passengers will be frustrating for drivers. Our best advice is to use hourly parking instead. It is much easier, and you won’t run the risk of receiving a parking violation.”

Drivers who choose not to use hourly parking should expect delays on the Ticketing/Baggage Claim roadway. Arriving passengers should use the exits behind the escalators opposite from the usual exit to the Baggage Claim roadway. Drivers can meet passengers at Passenger Pickup Areas A and B, located on the shared Ticketing/Baggage Claim roadway.

Additional signage and staff have been added to assist drivers and arriving passengers. There will be no changes for passengers who use shuttles and buses.

Phase One of the Bagge Claim Renovation Project will open this summer. The entire project is expected to wrap up in 2015.


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