‘Miss the energy’: Without big crowds, Packers fans make the most of NFC Championship game

NOW: ‘Miss the energy’: Without big crowds, Packers fans make the most of NFC Championship game

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) --- Things have been different for Green Bay Packers fans the past couple weeks.

Fans could only attend the game with season ticket holders, and those used to tailgating in the stadium parking lot before entering the game, found a front lawn nearby.

"We try to tailgate, it's just a smaller version," Packers fan Tom Bermis said. "It's just a smaller version. So we're still sipping our beers and taking our shots and eating our cheese."

Others found parking lots of nearby businesses.

Most season ticket holders attended with family and friends instead of scalping.

They tried to bring as much energy to the table as possible for the pack.

"We do miss the energy, and the comradery of all the people, and all the fans. The high fiving strangers, and the go pack go chants. You miss that a little bit. I assume we’ll get some of that when we get into the stadium," Packers fan Ryan Engelhardt said.

The energy fell off significantly after the Packers fell to the Buccaneers 31-26. There were a handful of Tom Brady fans in the stands who enjoyed the outcome, but for the most part, fans were dissapointed.

“Definitely disappointed," fan Kyle McMahon said. "Pretty much thought this was the season to get back, and to, you know, have a chance for another super bowl run. Especially with Rodgers playing at MVP form.”

Some Packers fans even traveled from Tampa Bay, only to wind up dissapointed.

“I had a really good feeling about tonight, and then it just, you can’t do much when you can’t do anything with two interceptions, what are you going to do?" Shawna Wood said.

When asked if she was happy for her hometown quarterback going to yet another super bowl, Wood said  “I’m not happy about it. I mean, he’s had enough now. It’s time for somebody else.”

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