Milwaukee's DJ Bizzon shares method in new instructional book published by Hal Leonard

NOW: Milwaukee’s DJ Bizzon shares method in new instructional book published by Hal Leonard


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A popular and successful Milwaukee DJ is sharing the magic he performs on turntables with the world.

For years, Tyrone Miller (aka, “DJ BIZZON) has shared his knowledge of being a DJ with Milwaukee Public School students and now a new instructional book featuring his method will share that message with an even wider audience.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Kim Shine checked in with Miller to find out why this latest project has become an unexpected source of pride.

He’s a master at working the crowd.

Playing hit, after hit, for thousands of music fans throughout his career.

Now Milwaukee’s DJ Bizzon has something new to share.

"Yea, I do have a book. It’s really cool. You know what I’m saying? And I hope people like it. That’s all I can say," he said.

The book is called 'DJ Method' by DJ Bizzon.

And inside, Bizzon hopes aspiring deejays learn to do what he does but better.

“It’s rare to get this opportunity to live and do something that you truly love every single day and have a good time. So, I never really take that for granted," he said.

If you’ve been to Summerfest you may have seen DJ Bizzon on stage behind the turntables.

He’s also opened up for big music artists like Ice Cube, Pitbull and Lil Wayne.

“The more energy that I put into DJing, I put into work, the more energy I get," he explained.

Bizzon’s been deejaying professionally since 2008, and full time since 2010.

He’s got about a decade of experience teaching DJ classes, and has written curriculum too.

From the outside looking in, a book seemed like the next step.

But this book wasn’t his idea.

“You know, we’ve published books, in the past, for the DJ market but thought we needed a new beginner method in our core flagship Method series," Jeff Schroedl, executive vice president at Hal Leonard, said.

They’re the world’s largest source for music publications – and they’re based in Milwaukee.

“They just sent me an email. Just like a cold-call kind of email, like hey, we’re interested in working on a book," said Bizzon.

“He’s right. We cold-called him. I think I emailed him out of the blue and, you know, went from there," said Schroedl.

Schroedl said more stores are selling DJ equipment and more schools are interested in teaching the craft to their students.

He said Bizzon’s experience and personality made him a perfect fit.

“He’s gigging, teaching. He’s put together afterschool programs with the Milwaukee Public Schools. He’s connected in so many different ways," said Schroedl. "You know, not everyone who’s a musician can necessarily write a book, and prepare a Method book, but he was great.”

DJ Bizzon said it took him about six months to write the book, which also has a visual component.

After the Introduction, Bizzon teaches everything from equipment and setup to knowing your crowd and your records.

“You know, one of my favorite DJs, I say this early in the book, DJ JDL, he always says you need to know your records," said Bizzon. "And what that means is that every single song you play you need to know all the details about it. You need to know who wrote it, all the instrumentation, who plays all the instruments, who produced it, all the lyrics, all the little adlibs, everything. Because that love for music, that passion for music is gonna make you understand, in such a better more interesting way, how to connect different songs.”

He also explains the delicate arts of transitioning between songs and “scratching”.

For Bizzon, deejaying is not just playing a group of songs, it’s about feeling and understanding the music -- being as hands on as possible.

He said music is very personal, especially when you’re the DJ.

And through his book, he hopes you learn, practice and find your own rhythm.

“I want every DJ to be able to take this and get on their way so they can put out this music, put out the creativity into the world that they find interesting, that matters to them, that tells their story," he said.

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