Milwaukee woman wants to improve local dog parks, needs your help

MILWAUKEE -- One local dog owned has identified a need throughout the Milwaukee area. Better and more dog parks. She likes to take her dog to Estabrook Park dog park but she has a vision for something much more.

\"We have some good dog parks as far as size goes that we can bring our dogs to, but there's not a lot to do though,\" Carla Dusel said.

Dusel needs to keep Karma, her American Bulldog/Italian Greyhound mix,  going.

\"She goes around the clock, she's always active.\"

She routinely comes to the Estabrook Park dog park, but feels it needs some upgrades.

\"We usually find ourselves just standing around watching our dogs be active and not being active with them.\"

So she entered a contest to build a dream dog park. 

She's one of fourteen finalists vying for $500,000 which goes towards a dog park makeover.

Carla and Karma have a plan to...

\"Create a place where we can do agility courses with our dogs,\" Dusel said.   \"We can play in the splash pad with our dogs and they can run through a little river, and have some really nice fun, safe things to do.\"

She also wants...

\"Solar powered lighting is one of my big things. A brand new fence around the entire park.\"

It can also help adotable dogs find a new home - since that's how she found Karma.

\"Personal play pens for the dogs.  That would give our local adoptable dogs a chance to come to the park and socialize but through a safer setting through the fencing. They could come to the park and go to their personal pen and they could work on basic obediance and training and really become socialized.\"

Voting ends on December 5th so there's still plenty of time.


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