Milwaukee woman finds her dad's stolen car on the news

NOW: Milwaukee woman finds her dad’s stolen car on the news


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman was surprised to see her father's stolen car on the news. It was involved in a crash on Wednesday, Feb. 10. The thieves then took off in another vehicle. When police tried to stop them, the officers were dragged as the suspects tried to escape.

CBS 58 showed you video of a bad crash near 15th and Center earlier this week. Viewers can see two people fleeing from the white car before police arrived, because the car was stolen. It belonged to Jessyca Hoettel's 72-year-old dad.

“Not good, not good, I was very upset," Hoettel said. 

The car was stolen Monday night, Feb. 8 near 86th and Locust.

“He said 'where’s my car?' I said 'out there in the driveway like it always is,' and he’s like 'no it’s not.' We went back and forth for a minute and 'he’s like 'no it’s not,' and I’m like 'are you kidding me,'" said Hoettel. 

On her way home from work on Wednesday night, she drove past a crash. 

“I got that message on my Facebook from a friend of mine, saying oh I hope this isn’t your car, I hope it’s not either," Hoettel said. 

The friend saw the white car on the news and took a picture of it.

The next day they confirmed with police that was her dad’s 2019 Kia Sorento.

“I actually drove past the accident scene and I didn’t even know it," said Hoettel. “I had a feeling that something like that was eventually going to happen just because that’s what happens with everybody’s. They say if you don’t find it in 24 hours you may not ever find it.” 

Hoettel says her dad did have insurance. They are working on getting him a new car.

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