Milwaukee woman arrested after stealing 13-year-old's social security number to take out loan

Detectives with the Mount Pleasant Police Department were contacted by Educator's Credit Union regarding a suspicious Home Equity Line of Credit loan application.

Detectives were advised that the defendant, Roxie Thomas, applied for a $48,000 loan for her residence located on 37th Street in Milwaukee.

Thomas applied for the loan using the social security number of an unrelated minor. According to the criminal complaint, when a credit check was completed on the social security number, it revealed 18 credit inquiries in the past 2-3 months and numerous fraud alerts.

Detectives contacted the parents of the minor whose social security number was used. They confirmed that no one had permission to use it.

Thomas attempted to close the loan at the Educator's Credit Union in Glendale where she was taken into custody despite her resistive behavior.

Thomas had previous felony cases for Retail Theft. As a condition of her bond, she was ordered not to commit any new crime.

Thomas now faces multiple charges including Misappropriate ID info to Obtain Money, Bail Jumping, and Wire Fraud Against a Financial Institution.

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