Milwaukee to remember fallen Officer Charles Irvine Jr. with plaque

NOW: Milwaukee to remember fallen Officer Charles Irvine Jr. with plaque

Milwaukee Police Sgt. Mark Kapusta says he realized one day that fallen MPD Officer Charles Irvine Jr. needed a physical memorial to remember his bravery.

"It's easy to forget, right?" Kapusta said. "I drove to work every day, and I drove by that bridge. And what was I looking at, you know something was missing."

He decided that something was a plaque, and he organized a cookout to help fund it Wednesday afternoon.

"I think it's totally fantastic," retired MPD Officer Dennis Eigenfeld said. "I'm sure that all the law enforcement officers appreciate it. I'm glad to be a part to be a part here today."

Community members from retired officers, to city leaders, citizens and firefighters all came to show support.

 "I'm amazed that we just got here, and there's a lot of people already," retired officer Ted Jansen said. "So I'm happy with the crowd."

 "It means a lot," Milwaukee Fire Department Assistant Chief David Vostis said. "As first responders, along with the military, the police department and a whole lot of other governmental agencies."

The city will put the plaque up Thursday morning at the 76th St. Bridge over West Silver Spring Drive, where Irvine and his partner crashed while pursuing a suspect.

They will hold a ceremony on Friday, one year from the day he gave his life.

 "He was 23 years old when he lost his live serving the people of this city," Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson said. "I think it's important that all of us come together, and make sure that we recognize that, and especially pay homage when somebody has passed away unfortunately like Officer Irvine did."

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