Milwaukee School board faces backlash over "hidden raises"

NOW: Milwaukee School board faces backlash over “hidden raises“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tensions boiled over at the Milwaukee Public School Committee meeting on Tuesday evening. Board members approved a plan to reduce rent for one of their charter school and there was also a proposal to end the so-called "hidden raises" for administrators.

The Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association coordinated the meeting.

Co-chair of Schools and Communities United was escorted away by security after meeting leadership decided "she strayed too far into criticism of the charter school Carmen High School of Science and Technology. The issue was on the rent being paid by the school and if it should be lowered.

"It is unconscionable for leases to be extended and renewed far drastically beneath what the fair market value is while our students don't have all of the resources, all of the educators, all of the opportunities that they deserve," said Amy Mizialkow, MTEA Vice President.

"I'm taking the time to talk about this because I need you all to understand that our lease rate which is significantly more than the cost to actually maintain our building is essential if our students are going to continue making this growth," said Kaylee Jackson, Principal at Carmen Northwest High School. 

The board agreed to bring the question of the new rent to the next full meeting of the board before moving onto what critics have called "hidden raises." Board members found that one individual received a $17,000 raise.

"Up to this point, it's been well, it's legal we can do this. It misses the point that we're talking about, there's a breakdown in trust," said Terry Falk with the Milwaukee School Board. 

These items will continue to be discussed during the next meeting of the full school board. 

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