Milwaukee residents find jobs working on streetcar

NOW: Milwaukee residents find jobs working on streetcar

The Milwaukee Streetcar is now 15-20 percent finished of it finished, according to Kiewit Infrastructure, the contractor.

Kiewit is putting local people to work. The city required them to hire 40 percent Milwaukee residents to complete the project.

The non-profit WRTP along with Big Step brought people in Thursday to try and match them with available jobs.

The goal is for workers to take the skills learned during the specific project and find family supporting construction careers when they're finished.

It's called the Residential Preference Program,or RPP. Tabitha Pickens went to WRTP to find work on the project and said it was fairly simple.

"I would recommend this program to anybody because it's hard. It really is hard to get a job. Even in construction it's still hard. But if you go through this program here they help you do everything. Whether you have a criminal history. If you don't have a criminal history they still help you get a good job.

Jobs on the streetcar can pay up to 30 dollars an hour. The project is set to be complete in the Fall of 2018.

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