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Milwaukee red light cameras would cut down on traffic deaths, Wisconsin lawmaker says

Nate King manages a rental property in Milwaukee, and Wednesday morning, he had a mess to clean up after a crash near 25th and Wells Street.

"This ain't the first time," King said. "Somebody almost came through the building."

That crash involved a stolen car and five kids under the age of 17. King says most crashes in the residential area don't involve police chases like this one, but accidents happen too often.

"It's like an expressway," King said.

State Rep. David Crowley, D-Milwaukee, says it's a disturbing pattern.

"These are the reasons we need red light cameras and speed cameras. We need to make sure we're doing everything we can to keep our folks safe."

His proposal calls for 35 cameras to be installed in the city, with some catching those driving 20 miles over the speed limit, and others catching those running red lights. Right now, state law doesn't allow those cameras.

"We're just looking to lift the ban at the state level," Crowley said. "That's what I'm looking to do."

Opponents of red light cameras say they are government overreach and money generators. Crowley says his plan is all about safety.

"The red light cameras would catch those who are literally blowing these red lights," Crowley said. "We're not looking to get those folks who are trying to make that yellow light. It's just for folks who are literally driving past those red lights, so we can make sure we're keeping folks safe."

Crowley hopes to have the state's ban lifted by January.

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