Milwaukee rapper says "Kilwaukee" song his take on "Chiraq."

MILWAUKEE-Music about violence is nothing new.

But usually it's about Los Angeles or New York or Chicago.

Native born rapper Pizzle released a single Tuesday that quickly has people paying attention.

It's called \"Kilwaukee.\"

It describes the city's sometimes violent streets and makes reference to the murder rate that went over 100 last year.

At first glance, some people might think the name \"Kilwaukee\" puts Milwaukee in a bad light.  But Pizzle says he knew the name would get attention and that's why he picked it.

Pizzle says the song does not condone violence, it just reflects what he has seen out on Milwaukee streets.

Pizzle seems to have something in common with city leaders, both say more attention from youth is what the problem of gun violence needs.

Pizzle says he works with kids in the \"Running Rebels\" community organization, and has comitted to working with other anti-violence programs. 

CBS 58's Bill Walsh takes a closer look. 

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