Milwaukee Public School Board Approves Sanctuary District Resolution

CBS 58— Milwaukee Public Schools are now a sanctuary district.

Thursday night the MPS Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution to make Milwaukee Public Schools a safe haven for immigrants.

MPS students packed the meeting in support of the resolution.

It is already federal law that schools can't deny education to a child due to immigration status, but this resolution will go further. The district will review all policies and record keeping practices to make sure student and family information is secure and not shared with Immigration and customs enforcement agents. The district will also create an immigration advisory committee to give immigrant families resources as well as designate staff member at each school to help families.

The resolution was overwhelmingly supported by people at tonight's meeting-many of them kids.

“I want my school to be sanctuary because I want my immigrant friends to be safe and sound,” said Farok, an MPS student and immigrant. “I want them to be here because I want them to support me when I'm happy, sad or anything in my life, I want them to be here.”

During the two hours of public comment, one woman spoke out against the resolution, saying it’s not the district’s place to pass a measure like this.

“I don' t know if this is just a kind of fear mongering and rally and support but I think it's wasted effort,” said Wendy Sobczyk, who has kids that attend MPS schools. “I think efforts could be better, more positive ways. I think it sends a bad message.”

Another part of this new resolution is the district will establish clear procedures for staff so they know what to do if Immigration enforcement agents try to enter a school or get information about a student or family.

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