Milwaukee prepares for weekend snow

NOW: Milwaukee prepares for weekend snow

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In Wisconsin people are used to snow, but the state hasn't seen much of it this winter.

Milwaukee County Transit System is counting down to the snow.

“Everyone here at MCTS is keeping a close eye on the forecast, we'll be paying attention all the way up until the first flakes start falling,” said Matt Sliker, MCTS.

MCTS says the dispatch center is the biggest preparation they make for the snow. Dispatch will route and reroute buses when snow makes an impact.

Sliker says buses are checked every day, and drivers are trained to drive in the conditions

“Safety is number one priority so if that means moving slower [we will],” said Sliker.

He says it's a once in a decade occasion that buses are not able to travel through a snowstorm, if there are any delays from the conditions, service alerts will be issued.

With the first big expected snow event of the year... the department of transportation is warning drivers not to forget how to drive in the snow.

At The Family Mechanic LLC in Bay View, people have already been in for battery replacements before the temps drop and snow falls.

"Usually after the first or second snowfall reality sets in and the individuals start to think, 'Winter is here. It's time to do something about it,'” said Elijah Corona, The Family Mechanic LLC Owner.

Corona says there are a few things that should be on your checklist before hitting the road Friday:

1. Tire pressure and tread

2. Working wiper blades and wiper fluid rated for freezing temperatures

3. Working lights so other cars can see your car in whiteout conditions

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