Milwaukee Police, Sheriff's Office, and State Patrol teaming up to crack down on reckless driving

NOW: Milwaukee Police, Sheriff’s Office, and State Patrol teaming up to crack down on reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An precedented law enforcement partnership aims to crack down on a dangerous problem in the city of Milwaukee. 

For the first time ever, officers from State Patrol, the Milwaukee Police Department, and deputies from the Sheriff's Office will be working together to crack down on reckless driving. 

More officers will be out on the roads patrolling and enforcing traffic laws looking for people speeding, driving while distracted or aggressively, and running red lights. 

State Patrol says in Milwaukee over the last three years more than 4,000 people have been hurt in crashes and 40 people have been killed. Many of these crashes have been caused by reckless drivers. 

The officers hope their presence and increased enforcement helps put an end to dangerous driving. 

"We will be visible. We will be present. You will see us out there and we will be making stops. We want to change that behavior and the only way to change that behavior is the high visibility and the presence of law enforcement," said Major Anthony Burrell with Wisconsin State Patrol. 

The three law enforcement agencies will be kicking off their joint patrols Tuesday afternoon. 

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