Milwaukee Police searching for information on January homicide

NOW: Milwaukee Police searching for information on January homicide

Milwaukee Police officers are asking for the public’s help with a homicide case from January. It’s been about six months since the shooting happened and now case investigators say it’s time to put a name with the face.

53-year-old Karen Simek was shot on January 31 near the employee entrance of Garden Fresh Foods near 12th and National.

Based on surveillance video, officers say the suspect was seen roaming around the area of National Avenue minutes before the incident. Now they’re asking for the community’s help for details.

Officers say interviews and surveillance video helped them determine the suspect is a light complexion black man in his early to mid-20s. They believe he has a light build and was wearing a black puffy coat, black pants, and black boats that morning.

Investigators say footage shows the suspects wandering the area of 17th and National and 12th and National just minutes before the shooting.

Simek’s bag she was carrying the night of the incident is still missing. Inside the bag was her lunch and miscellaneous items. They’re asking anyone who may have had accidental contact or even a simple hello with the said suspect to call with that information.

“Based on the sure amount of foot traffic, we know there are a number of people we have not gotten in contact with. Part of the reason for this press conference today is to reach out to those who we maybe haven’t spoken to yet. We’d like them to come forward, even if they think it’s a trivial detail or something minor,” said Lieutenant Eric Donaldson.

As of now investigators do not believe the woman was a target but rather a victim of a senseless robbery.

Anyone with information is asked to call the metropolitan division at 935-7020.

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