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Milwaukee police investigate claim that 4th grade teacher injured student

NOW: Milwaukee police investigate claim that 4th grade teacher injured student

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Amber Morgan has been homeschooling her 10-year-old daughter since she went to pick her up from Longfellow School Friday, Feb. 7.

"I was like 'where is Larynique,' and they said 'Larynique is in the nurse's office,'" Morgan said.

She took Larynique to Ascension, where she was diagnosed with a sprained wrist.

The family said it started with a group of students messing around. When the teacher put his hand in Larynique's face to reprimand her, she pushed it out of her face, and the teacher grabbed her wrist.

"No matter what my child could have done or said, you should never put your hands on anybody's child," Morgan said.

Milwaukee Public Schools sent this statement:

"Milwaukee Public Schools is aware of the incident that occurred on Friday, Friday 7 at Longfellow School. MPS has taken immediate action in investigating this matter and the staff member involved has been placed on leave."

But the family wasn't getting answers, and Larynique was afraid to return.

"Because you don't know if he could do the same thing again that he did on Friday," Larynique said.

The family contacted community activist Frank Nitty to help. He says MPS needs to act faster.

"I've never seen in any capacity where you can work at an establishment or a business, where you can assault a minor, and there's a process to getting fired," Nitty said.

MPS has not commented outside of the statement they sent yesterday.

The Milwaukee Police Department was in the initial stages of their investigation Tuesday.

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Mizux123 5 days ago
Hi, both of my parents work for MPS, and I myself have also worked for them and attended their schools. Maybe I’m a little biased, but maybe you’ll get a perspective other than this blind white knight article.

My whole life I’ve been told story after story about kids fighting, and when I worked at MPS, we had a teacher come in and quit because they had seen one kid bash another kid’s skull against the wall till it cracked, all because of a God damn pencil. Another story: while my father taught, he sent a kid out of the room because he was being disruptive and trying to start a fight, my Dad locked the door. This kid yelled at my Dad through the locked door for like 15 minutes until he decided he was going to punch through the wire reinforced glass on the door. He broke the glass, and his hand and they called an ambulance.

If that dosent paint a picture as to what teaching at MPS is like, then maybe you’d like to know that my Dad still teaches at the school with the window kid, but won’t teach at Longfellow again because of how disruptive, rude, and violent the kids are.

So please before going out in the world demanding this man be fired for this. Keep in mind We’ve heard one extremely biased side of the story and people don’t become teachers because they want to hurt children.

Sorry about the grammar...
DaniRivera 6 days ago
Give me an effin break!!! Maybe mom should worry about her child's behavior and teach her some respect for her teacher!!! Our schools are full of disrespectful and unruly kids that think the rules don't apply to them. The problem is we have parents that have kids but fail to teach them any morals, values or respect for others!!! Maybe mom should worry about her daughter's behavior instead of trying to persecute a teacher that is trying to do the job she should be doing!!! 😡😡😡
Homer 6 days ago
Amber Morgan has been homeschooling her 10-year-old daughter since she went to pick her up from Longfellow School Friday, Feb. 7. Taking into account the weekend, it's been a whole day... just Monday Feb 10, as the story came out on Tuesday Feb 11. (Ace reporter trying to spin the story about a courageous mom...)

How's young Larynique doing with her home schooling lessons? How's mom doing with the teaching? How's the discipline going for any misbehaving on Larynique's part?

If all is going well, then perhaps home schooling is the answer.

The teacher should get a warning letter added to his file stating that any further issues will be dealt with Demerits and a Timeout. Don't touch the kids. It's not worth it, the teacher can't win.

The teacher has to take the physical abuse from the student, properly document it, and have the problem child moved to another school for discipline challenged students.

(My son had issues and spent time in the alternative school...)

Monicah1974 6 days ago
Teachers have to deal with so much. Now, they are raising people child, doctor, counselor, etc. Parents never address their child behavior. That's why we are losing good teacher because we have terrible parents. I can't blame the children. These children are misguided and out of control.
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