Milwaukee police chief addresses video of rooftop shooting

NOW: Milwaukee police chief addresses video of rooftop shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- City of Milwaukee leaders met to discuss the shooting of an unarmed man by police. 

Those on the Steering & Rules Committee had questions about the shooting of Jerry Smith Jr., 20, who was shot three times by two Milwaukee police officers in August of 2017.

The shooting happened on a rooftop near 29th and Wisconsin, after a chase.

In police body camera video, officers appear to yell at Smith to put his hands up and to turn around. Just as he begins to lower himself, Smith is shot.

As a result of his injuries, he is partially paralyzed on one side.

Earlier this year, the district attorney concluded the shooting was justified, however, a weapon was never found.

During the meeting held at City Hall, police chief Alfonso Morales explained the procedures the department followed after the incident, including what the investigation entailed. He also said people have to move forward to build trust with police.

However, Alderman Khalif Rainey mentioned moving forward is not an option for Smith, because of his injuries. 

"Let the facts come out," chief Morales said. "Everyone that's upset, is upset at a few seconds that they observed on video, they're not taking the totality of the circumstances in there. There's two sides to a story and when we talk about a man who was shot - what was the cause of that? Because it's not the police coming out there saying, who are we gonna shoot today?"

Morales said officers were at the scene responding to a call for help.

The two officers involved have been with MPD for about two years. No charges have been brought against them. 

According to councilwoman Milele Coggs, an invitation was extended to the district attorney's office to attend the meeting, but no one was available. 

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