Milwaukee officers help local community center promote summer safety, family fun

Inside a local community center, a table full of toys, everything from barbies and stuffed animals, to toy trucks and puzzles.

"What would you like?" one kid was asked.

It's a simple, yet difficult question when there's so much to choose from.

"It's really a special moment not only for the giver but for the receiver," said Scottie Posey, COA Youth and Family Center operations manager.

The giver being the Milwaukee Police Department. District 5 officers handed out the goodies they collected during a recent toy drive.

Posey said it's a great partnership to help emphasize their message.

"It gives them an alternative to all of the negativity in their community and offer some options of hope," he said. "We just want to restore the feeling of safety in this community."

"It brings people out of their homes," said Brenda Giles. "It brings people together in a safe environment, lets them know they can come together and have fun."

Families enjoyed good food and fellowship, and parents picked up information on affordable activities to keep kids busy.

It's a task that's a bit easier now thanks to the generosity.

"Thank you!"

The COA Youth and Family Centers was established in 1906 to serve low-income children and families in Milwaukee. It helps about 10,000 people every year.

The community fun nights are held bi-monthly.

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