Milwaukee offers free measles vaccinations

 Three more babies who attended a Chicago-area day care center are now confirmed to have the measles.That makes a total of five cases connected to that particular daycare and more than a hundred cases nationwide, most of which the CDC says can be traced back to a large, on-going multi-state outbreak that  began at Disneyland in California. 

So far there haven't been any cases reported here in Wisconsin and health officials here in Milwaukee are trying their best to make sure it stays that way. One of two free vaccination clinics was held today, to help put a stop to a potential outbreak here. 

\"So its knocking on our door but we want to be proactive and we want people to know how important it is particularly for young children over a year old to get that first measles vaccination shot,\" said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett said the threat of measles coming over the border to Wisconsin is real and  best way to prevent its spread is making sure everyone is vaccinated. 

\"What we've decided to do on a proactive basis because we don't have any cases here in Wisconsin, is were opening this clinic on the south side today for free measles vaccinations,\" said Barrett. 

Though some parents have questions Paul Biedrzycki from the Milwaukee Health Department says getting your MMR shot is the only way to prevent the disease and says science has proven it. 

\"We see these personal belief and philosophical waivers because parents are concerned about vaccine safety. There's been questions about autism for example. But when you look at autism rates in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children you see absolutely no difference,\" he said. 


Right now, Milwaukee Public Health is on high alert. 

\"We've increased surveillance. We've told health care providers in our area be on the lookout for measles,\" said Biedrzycki.

Especially considering how contagious the disease is.

\"Very easilytransmissiblee, casually, even through talking, speaking, coughing, or speaking,\" he said. And it stays in the air for a few hours, even after the infected person has left. 

There's just one downside though with the vaccine.

\"the shots hurted a little,\" said one child. 

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