Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spoke with President Obama about adding police body cameras

President Obama announced Monday that he wants to set aside 75 million dollars in federal funding for police body cameras.

It's a possibility the City of Milwaukee is already exploring.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett paid a visit to Washington D.C. to speak with the president about the matter.

\"The President was very human is describing how passionate he is in making sure our country address all of the issues of police and community relations\", said Mayor Tom Barrett.

Mayor Tom Barrett was one of 25 people, including Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder, faith leaders, and elected officials to sit on the meeting at the white house with President Obama.

\"He talked about growing up as an African American man, and the challenges he faced, and how it's important we maintain the respect for police officers in this country\", said Mayor Barrett.

Barrett says he's in full support of police body cameras.

\"It provides more transparency\", said Mayor Barrett.

Milwaukee's District Attorney John Chisholm and Police Chief Ed Flynn follow that same notion.

But they say police body cameras won't solve every problem.

\"Now, there's a concern regards to privacy and other issues people are going to have to think and work through”, said Milwaukee District John Chisholm. “So it's not a be all, end all.\"

\"Certainly body cameras are a gesture towards trying to provide more accountability”, said Police Chief Ed Flynn. “But I would caution anyone to think that's going to solve all doubts about critical instances.\"

The MPD and Washington Park Neighborhood received the Met Life Foundation Community-Police partnership award Monday evening.

It's awarded to communities and Police Departments who work towards building better relationships with each other.

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