Milwaukee Man Sentenced to 65 Years in Prison for Laylah Petersen's Death

A Judge has sentenced Carl Barrett to 65 years in prison for death of 5-year-old Laylah Petersen.

On Thursday, Barrett addressed the court saying he was sorry and "I know how it feels to lose a family member."

The defense attorney told the judge Barrett was raised by his grandmother because his mother abandoned him. In addition. his attorney told the judge his father was in prison during his childhood, and he had no role models. 

"His coldness perhaps is because he is not the most articulate," said the defense attorney. 

The state argued Barrett was dangerous and extremely antisocial. 

Carl Barrett was found guilty in all four counts in September.

He was charged with 3 counts of endangering safety, for the Laylah's grandparents and sister that weren't injured and 1 count of homicide for Laylah Petersen’s death.

Laylah Petersen was shot and killed inside a home sitting on her grandfather's lap. The shooting happened on North 58th Street on November 6, 2014, and police say the shooters targeted the wrong home.

The state argued Carl Barrett was the "back up man" because he had a gun and would use it if anyone asked.

They pointed to witnesses that put him as the sidekick gunman in other shootings.

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