Milwaukee man charged with felony murder for causing death during armed robbery

Mickey Singarath has been charged with felony murder for allegedly causing the death of Jay Ro while attempting to commit armed robbery. 
Singarath may be imprisoned for up to 35 years. 
Milwaukee Police Officer's interviewed Jay Ro's son about what happened on June 25. His son said the front door bell rang and when he answered a man was outside. Singarath was allegedly there and said, \"I fix this house.\"
Two men entered the house, covered the son's face and one of the suspects pointed a gun at the son's chest. 
The son said he told Detective Porter that a suspect pushed him in the living room and began demanding money. His father became angry and tried to grab the gun. One of the suspects shot the dad in the chest and then ran out of the house. 
Singarath allegedly told police he did not plan to shoot or kill anyone. He only planned to commit a robbery and obtain money. 
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