Milwaukee Man Charged with Drowning his Infant Son

The Milwaukee man accused of drowning his infant son has been charged with first degree intentional homicide.

When police told him that he had killed his son, he allegedly showed no emotion.

Sean Flowers asked, “How much time does that carry.”

The couple had been at a party celebrating the death of Flower’s grandmother. The mother of the infant did the splits causing Flowers to packing up the baby’s belongings.

Flowers allegedly told his cousin, “she wants to do all this dancing around the family, but she don’t work, she don’t want to take care of the kid.”

According to the criminal complaint, at 8:42 PM, Sean Flowers’ sister called 911 to report her brother was threatening to throw his 3-month-old child into the water.

At 8:45 PM,  Milwaukee Police Officers were dispatched to the 9200 block of North 75th Street.

At 8:51 PM, police arrived at the scene and heard people screaming “he’s drowning the baby!”

Multiple family members were begging and pleading with the defendant to hand the baby over to the family.

Two individuals were splashing in the water.

The witness who tried to rescue the baby told police, Flowers was saying, “Abraham killed his son Isaac, Jesus will forgive me.”

The police ordered both individuals to the shore.

A man at the scene said he was attempting to gain control of the baby but was unable to wrestle the child away.

Flowers swam farther away from shore and dropped the baby in the water.

At 8:56 PM, two more officers arrived at the scene and entered the water to assist an officer already in the water trying to find the baby in the water.

Once the baby was found officers began CPR.

During this time, Sean Flowers swam further into the pond and refused to come out of the water. He allegedly continuously went under water and then would come back up.

Officers swam to the defendant and Flowers became combative.

During a mirandized interview, Flowers claimed to not remember the incident.

He did recall being kicked and tasered by police after being pulled from the water.

He told police he had free will. When asked if that meant “like you had the free will to kill your kid?” Flowers responded, “right.”

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