Milwaukee leaders seek inspection report from Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific inspected the bridge at 1st and Oregon and says it will add some concrete casings this month. 

But the company hasn't turned over the inspection report to city leaders.  The Milwaukee city engineer hasn't seen it. He says Canadian pacific told him the bridge is fine but will add the concrete. 

Some city alderman want to get the inspection report to provide more transparency about railroad safety.  

Alderman Michael Murphy and Terry Witkowski will meet with US Senator Tammy Baldwin about what the federal government can do to help this process. 

CBS 58 spoke to Senator Baldwin at a manufacturing event today to get her take. 

"It's not acceptable me," Sen. Baldwin said Friday. "That this critical infrastructure that's today used to carry hazardous materials through our communities that we don't have the right to know about their structural integrity or how they're being maintained."

Baldwin acknowledged she will meet with a group of Milwaukee alderman later this month to discuss rail issues. 

She also applauded citizens who brought the issue up to local leaders. 

"They brought it to the attention of the federal railway administration as well as my office. We asked for an immediate reinspection. It occurred but right now the law is such that the railroads don't have transparently share their inspections 

The Milwaukee city attorney says CP told him the new concrete casings will in installed in October. 

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