Milwaukee lawmakers want state to pass sex offender residence law

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee aldermen met to talk about putting in place rules for where sex offenders can live in the City of Milwaukee. The committee ended up holding their vote one month with the hopes of getting state lawmakers involved.

The City of Milwaukee is home to 89% of Wisconsin's sex offenders. The city has become what some call a sex offender dumping ground since most communities bordering Milwaukee have restrictions on where sex offenders can live.

The proposed sex offender restrictions would mean 10 out of 15 aldermanic districts in Milwaukee would have no sex offenders. The aldermen in those areas aren't happy with the possibility of being overloaded with sex offenders.

According to the proposed rules, Milwaukee Alderman Terry Witkowiak's district would have 185 residences sex offenders could move into. Witkowiak says he understands there needs to be a law governing where sex offenders can live, but wants state lawmakers to pass a law making it fair for all communities.

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