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Milwaukee kids brace for dangerous summer, 28 shot so far

\"All I hear is shooting every night, I'm used to it. It's like firecrackers to me.\"

18-year-old Jonathan Hughes has lost five friends to gun violence. So now he keeps a pretty strict personal routine, home, school, and occasionally he'll hang out at Washington Park, always looking over his shoulder.

\"Every night I pray, wish I'm not the next person to die or get shot,\" Hughes said.

For many of the kids, the constant pop of a gun is like background noise, close calls with death are normal.

Fifteen-year-old Jewel Sloan tells CBS 58 that she's had a gun pulled on her before, and is scared when she hangs outside.

So far 28 kids have been shot this year, that's two more than this time last year.

However, parents say they refuse to allow their kids to lose out on summer.

\"You can't hide, you can't do that because if I hide myself, that means I'm taking away so much stuff from my kids,\" a mom who wanted to remain unnamed said.

That mom also calling on other parents to keep watch and keep their children out of the streets.

\"If the parents have more control of their kids, and the things they do, and the people they hang around with, it wouldn't be so bad,\" she said.

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