Milwaukee Kid Jams With Green Day on Stage

NOW: Milwaukee Kid Jams With Green Day on Stage
Milwaukee -

It will probably go down as one of the best 13th Birthday presents ever for Milwaukee's Henry Bresser.

Not only did he get to see his favorite band, Green Day, in concert, they invited him up on stage to play with them.

"It was luck," Bresser told CBS 58 News.

Self taught, mostly by ear, Henry doesn't know why he gravitated to Green Day at the early age of 8.

"I know all their songs, expect maybe one."

So, when lead singer Billie Joe asked for volunteers, Henry thought he might have a shot.

"He asked do you really know how to play and I said yes."

The moment when he was hoisted on stage captured by many in the audience with him including his mother and cousin.

Henry says his heart was beating fast.

"I almost cried," he recalled.

Then he remembered Billie Joe said just keep playing the same three chords.

The crowd gave Henry a wonderful ovation.

Billie Joe bowing down after Henry finished and then gave him the guitar to take home.

Now several day removed from his star turn and Henry is still asking..

"Did I wake up yet?"

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