Milwaukee Hurling Club Opening Day at Brown Deer Park Sunday, May 17th

 Hurling, the age old sport that originated in Ireland, has taken a hold of the Milwaukee area.

In fact the Milwaukee Hurling Club is the largest club in the world outside the Emerald Isle.

Hurling is often described by fans as the fastest game on grass.

It's a unique mix of speed, grace, assertiveness and skill. Hurling is a team sport played on a field or \"pitch\" slightly larger than a soccer field.

 Grouped in teams of 15, the players use a curved stick made of ash (a hurley) to move a baseball-sized sliothar (pronounced \"slitter\") down the field. 

Three points are awarded for hitting the ball through a goal, and one point is awarded for sending it through the uprights mounted on either side of the goal.

Dave Olson of the Milwaukee Hurling Club was a special live guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. 

He says anybody can show up and get tips on how they can take part in the sport.

\"If you're a tennis player we'll find a way to use your skills, if you're a soccer player we'll find a way.\"

Opening Day Festivities take place Sunday, May 17th at Brown Deer Park.

The children's teams start playing at 9 a.m. Adult teams take to the pitch at noon. The fun is expected to continue until 5 p.m.

Spectators are always welcome as people set up tents and barbecues for a real festive atmosphere.

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