Milwaukee Gains Another Beautiful Mural

A new mural is slowly taking form on a wall at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum in Milwaukee.

The painting is called The Gift, a vision of Pittsburgh's George Gist. Gist is an artist originally from brew city and also has some other work around town including a mural on the Steel Professional Welding building at 2000 N. 31st St. 

The mural at 26th and Center will represent Africans who came to America and made various contributions to the country.

The Museum's Executive Director Clayborn Benson says that even in this early stage, the mural is attracting a lot of attention.

"People are stopping by, playing drums, dancing and praising the wall, they're doing all kinds of interesting things. They see this as their gift and their wall."

Volunteers have made significant contributions to help get the mural up, including the lift for the artist to stand on, which came from Franklin Equipment.

For more about the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum, head to their website here.

Or to learn more about the vast array of murals you can enjoy throughout the city, head to the Milwaukee Mural Map website here.

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