Milwaukee firefighters share fire tips for children

There have been more than a dozen fires in our area since Friday, and one of them was fatal. With people cranking up the heaters for the first time this year, the risks are out there.

Milwaukee firefighters say now is the time to start thinking about keeping your family safe. They say it's all about having smoke detectors and a plan.

Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing said it's important for all parents to go over a fire exit plan with their kids. He says it's also important to teach kids how to move around during a fire. Doing things like staying low, feeling doors for heat, and most importantly not hiding can make a world of difference.

MFD runs a training house for students in second and fifth grade called the Survive Alive House. An instructor has tips for you tonight which starts with making sure your kids know what the smoke alarm sounds like.

"Go over an exit drill your family has created together so kids know how to get out of every room of that house at least two ways and a meeting place. Make sure when you're out of that house kids know never to go back in, never hide from firefighters." said MFD Lieutenant Sharon Purifoy, the director of the Survive Alive House.

Firefighters say practice is also key there are some resources online to help you make an exit plan if you don't already have one.

Here are a few resources to help you come up with your own fire escape plan:

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