Milwaukee family dresses up to different costume theme every Thanksgiving

NOW: Milwaukee family dresses up to different costume theme every Thanksgiving

A Milwaukee family is continuing their unique Thanksgiving tradition of holding themed dinners where everyone arrives in full costume.

Last year, the Husz's were construction workers. Another year it was Downton Abbey.

They've done rock stars as well.

Each Thanksgiving is documented in a small scrapbook for each member of the family to enjoy.

Kathie Husz, who hosts at her home every year, says this will be the first Thanksgiving without her sister-in-law Jean, who passed away earlier this year.

The year of the rock stars was particularly memorable for her.

"[Jean] was Janis Joplin and she got up there and she was singing 'Me and Bobby McGee,'" Husz said.

The idea of costumes came about because of another difficult time for the family.

Ten years ago, Kathie's mother had congestive heart failure.

"She said 'I'm not going to come this year if you don't mind because I don't feel like getting dressed up. I'm in my pajamas.' I said 'Well stay in your pajamas. We'll all wear pajamas,'" Husz said.

Husz's mother died before the next Thanksgiving, but the family decided to dress up as Native Americans and pilgrims.

From there, it evolved.

"Everybody looks forward to it," Husz said. "It's really a lot of fun."

This year, dinner is waiting until Saturday because of work schedules, but the family plans on being literary characters.

Husz says there will be a Peter Pan, a Sherlock Holmes, a Hester Prynne, and several surprises.

The one theme Husz won't allow, even though it's come up multiple times over the years, is dressing as clowns. She says that would be 'hideous.'

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