Milwaukee DPW reminding travelers to be careful Tuesday due to possible freezing conditions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) says residents should be extra careful when traveling Tuesday evening and overnight - whether by via motorized vehicle, bicycle or walking - as the weather is forecasted to change from mild (rain) to colder temperatures (ice).

DPW says crews will be out Tuesday night after the rain stops to apply salt to the roadways to address any icy conditions. DPW says since they can't salt every street immediately after the rain stops, they're asking residents to take extra precautions to avoid traffic accidents and pedestrian falls.


- SLOW DOWN – whether you are driving, riding or walking
- Give yourself extra time to get to your destination
- Be aware of the vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians around you, and give extra room between you and them
- Watch for our salt trucks on the road, and give them extra room to do their job!

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