Milwaukee DPW facing challenges with back-to-back snowy days

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At a City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works meeting, Milwaukee leaders discussed snow removal around the city. 

Leaders say they face challenges with back-to-back snow days, arctic temperatures and equipment breaking down. 

The director of operations at Milwaukee's DPW, says plows have had a difficult time removing snow on narrow streets and areas with excessive parking. 

"The majority of them do want something that is manageable for them, that you know is wide open. Driveways so cars are off the street. it makes things go a little smoother," said Danielle Rodriguez, director of operations for Milwaukee's DPW. 

DPW suggests adding more snow plows and changing end loader routes to cul-de-sacs, dead ends and cross overs so they have more space. 

They also encourage drivers to follow parking rules on snowy days. 

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