Milwaukee County Zoo shows off its new arrivals

NOW: Milwaukee County Zoo shows off its new arrivals


There are more reasons to get back to the Milwaukee County Zoo this summer.

The Zoo showed off some of its newest arrivals. A Yellow-backed Duiker which is a type of African antelope with a yellow stripe on its back.

They also showed off three Thomson's gazelles with the distinctive stripe along their sides

The interesting thing about gazelles, they're on display in full view for animals who'd like to eat them and keepers do that on purpose.

"You see the predators in the back, which are the cheetah. So they're very taken right now with the gazelles because they are new and so that would be a natural prey animal for them. Of course, they're separated by a moat, so not to worry. And it's just, again, what you would see really in the savannas of Africa," said Jenny Diliberti of the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The Milwaukee County Zoo hasn't had Thomson's gazelles on display since 2005.

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