Milwaukee County to implement safety plan for Memorial Day weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County is working to promote safe streets this holiday weekend by rolling out a program called "Credible Messenger".

The Office of Violence Prevention and 414 Life are leading the initiative in partnership with Milwaukee County officials and several other agencies.

25 young messengers will fan out this weekend, making connections and sharing resources to make sure everyone has a safe weekend.

The program started last year and targeted specific neighborhoods.

But the goal is to double the size and expand across the entire city.

The Deputy Director of Milwaukee County Health and Human Resources says the program works.

Though 2021 was a violent year, he says this program was one of the bright spots.

"The only reduction that was seen in the last two months of the year was with young people who are involved with this program. And we were able to deliver that by doing de-escalation and mediation between them and their peer groups," said David Muhammad.

The county has been approached by other community partners interested in expanding this program to adults.

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